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Six Great Reads for your 6th Grader
Articles , News / February 22, 2019

Six great reads for your 6th grader is my second attempt at the all-elusive list-making.  I do not mean to say these are the greatest books of all time, just that they are standouts and might give you some ideas.  Parents are entrusted with the great task of putting good words into the hands of their budding adults; I for one have found it difficult to find safe booklists I can trust.  How do you decide what to allow your child to read?  Do you simply sit in the car and let them run in to the local bookstore? Do you trust Amazon’s top picks?  I believe the parent who can come home to their children at the dinner table with a book in hand (or a loaded Kindle) will accomplish mighty things, such as: Gaining the edge on feeding good thoughts into his/her children Connecting with his/her children Laying a foundation for difficult upcoming conversations Increasing academic success Indirectly teaching morality (alright, that is a lot like #1) Christopher Perrin and Leslie Rayner in The Classical Reader write: “Ensconced with great books, our children will travel to places that we cannot take them and to times we cannot go.  Lives…