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Lewolkien 2019

Join Castle Ministries in historic Rugby to engage in literature as a hobby for exercising the mind. Who talks about virtue these days? Christians especially find that using the mind in a good book is a delightful means of accessing goodness and morality. Gather as we discuss our love of old books, and some new authors who all unite over an admiration of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. The annual conference will be held in Rugby TN, rich in literary history. We hope this could be a launching point for you to pick up your next “great read” and beyond. JOIN US for an energetic time of thinking, laughing, and exploring great literature.

Featured Speakers:

sam overstreet, maryville collegeDr. Sam Overstreet    

Professor of English at Maryville College. He holds a B.A., from Yale University; Ph.D., from Cornell University. His academic specialty is medieval English literature. He is a professor at Maryville College and teaches Chaucer, History of the English Language, Shakespeare, Advanced Rhetoric and Grammar. He will be giving a talk entitled, “Lewis vs. Tolkien on Allegory in Literature.”

Author DJ EdwardsonDJ Edwardson    

is the author of several fictional novels and shorter works. His most recent novel, The Last Motley was released in December, 2017.  His previous release, The Ascent of the Nebula, was nominated for the 2016 Grace Awards. He has a passion for seeing God glorified in the arts, especially literature. He will be giving a talk entitled, “Of Meta-Narratives and Men.”

Maynard Nordmoe

Ancient Educator and Renaissance Man, author of Mercy and Truth

Jacob StpclJacob Stock 

Director of Castle Ministries and self proclaimed expert in children’s literature. 


RM Brooks Breakfast
9:00 am Registration
Welcome / Intro “What is Lewolkien?”
10:30 “Lewis vs. Tolkien on Allegory in Literature.”
11:30 Tour of the School, Church, Library
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Sessions with the Authors
2:30 Book sales and signing, Free time in town
4:30 Closing session

Friday Night Reception Newbury House Parlor – 7pm for those who can come early and spend the night! Overnight Accommodations can be booked through the Rugby Visitors Center. Or 423-628-2441

Historic Ruby

rugby tennesseeAn 1880’s Utopia town. Once home to more Oxford graduates than any city in the USA!  Hidden gem of simple and beautiful architecture. Come see the Library “Stuck in Time”.


$20 student

$45 per person

$70 per couple

Includes a lunch meal, Historic Rugby tour, speakers and materials. Many giveaway books and others for purchase.