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An orphaned boy and a kidnapped horse gallop for Narnia...and freedom. The Horse and His Boy is a wonderful, often surprising, and always engaging adventure.

The Prince of Narnia has gone missing and it's up to Jill, Eustace, and a curious Marshwiggle named Puddleglum to find him.

The adventures of Edmund, Lucy, and the insupportable (but later quite wonderful) Eustace, their cousin, as they are once again drawn into Narnia.

Anne of Green Gables is a 1908 novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery (published as L. M. Montgomery). Written for all ages, it has been considered a classic children's novel since the mid-twentieth century. Set in the late 19th century, the novel recounts the adventures of Anne Shirley, an 11-year-old orphan girl, who was mistakenly sent to two middle-aged siblings; Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, originally intending to adopt a boy to ...

Caspian is a treat. It is a window into a bygone era, not only in time, but into the human psyche. The fact that many of us do not, like Caspian, long for the "Old Narnia" is a genuine tragedy. For the river of heroism and nobility which in our day is but a trickle, still gushes strong and clean and pure from the source.

If these men had not had each other to push them and make them better, our most cherished books would either not exist  or would be much poorer works that what we now enjoy.

A Tale of Two Cities
Classics / May 30, 2018

A masterpiece of literature. One of the greatest books of the English language. A beautiful tale of love, loss, tragedy, hopelessness, cruelty, and ultimately of redemption. Its characters are larger than life and unforgettable.

Fairy Tale / March 13, 2018

This book is full of complex metaphors and imagery that is difficult to understand fully. However it is still an intriguing story which touches on many incredible truths about the human condition. The reader is given a window into the nature of redemption and the paradox of finding life in death.

Little Women
Classics / February 6, 2018

Little Women Review. Written in the 1800's and still holds so many truths for today's audiences. Emotional stories of four sisters coming of age.

The City of Ember (Book of Ember, #1)
Science Fiction / February 5, 2018

City of Ember is a delight. Though much of the narrative is filled with tension about Lina and Doon's efforts to save their city, there was a homey quality to the way it was described that made the story seem curiously gentle in the telling. While dystopian science fiction stories abound this was one that was strangely optimistic and wholesome.

Lewolkien Launch!
Announcement / February 5, 2018

Welcome to our brand spankin' new website! The dust is still settling and the paint is not completely dry, but we are open for business! Check out this announcement to find out about all the great things you can expect to find on this site!

The Brothers Karamazov
Classics / February 4, 2018

This novel is a masterpiece. It is complex, rich, and brilliantly written. All of the characters are strongly portrayed and are not only memorable for their own sake, but through them, Dostoevsky is able to treat many of life’s greatest questions.

The Complete Fairy Tales
Fairy Tale / February 4, 2018

I give this book 5 stars really on the strength of three of its stories- The Light Princess, The History of Phtogen and Nycteris, and my favorite of all, The Wise Woman or the Lost Princess. Not that the other stories are bad, but to me these three rise above the rest

Around the World in Eighty Days
Classics / February 4, 2018

I can't say enough about what an enjoyable journey this was. The characters were vivid and charming, the plot brisk (once it got going), and the language and descriptions were superb. Phileas Fogg, the main character, proved "equal to the task" as Verne says, coming off as an iconic figure who is both mysterious and surprisingly heroic.

Merlin’s Blade (The Merlin Spiral, #1)
Fantasy / February 4, 2018

Merlin's blade is a unique take on the Arthurian legends. Told mostly from the perspective of Merlin as a young man on the cusp of adulthood, the story has a decidedly historical feel. One gets the sense that considerable research went into the writing of this book. And yet the characters are what really shine here.