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Lewolkien 2023

January 13, 2023

Lewolkien 2023 literary conference

Join Castle Ministries on MARCH 25th once again for encouragement, fellowship, and an opportunity to celebrate the good, the true, and the beautiful in literature. The Lewolkien conference is a small, intimate gathering of book lovers and thinkers to herald the written word. Gather as we discuss books and new and unite over an admiration of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien and authors like them.

We hope this could be a launching point for you to pick up your next “great read” and beyond. JOIN US for an energetic time of thinking, laughing, and exploring great literature.


7pm Friday: Welcome and Fellowship

9am-4pm Saturday: Speakers, talks (more information coming soon)

Special Events

Tour of the historic Rugby library

Lots of book giveaways

Shop in our unique Lewolkien Bookstore.

Featured Speakers

Chris Garner, pastor

Chris Garner

Chris is blessed to be Lauren’s husband and Ben and Stella’s dad. He spends his days pastoring Gillespie Avenue Baptist Church and teaching world history and geography at River’s Edge Christian Academy. The son of Marine, and Veteran Marine himself, Chris grew up all over this country and is blessed to have settled and made a home in East Tennessee. More than anything he loves spending time with his family— to include Wendy the WonderLab— and is currently reading everything he can about the history of the British monarchy. .

Author DJ Edwardson

DJ Edwardson

Mr. Edwardson is the author of several fictional novels and shorter works, such as The Last Motley and The Ascent of the Nebula, which was nominated for a Grace Award. He has a passion for seeing God glorified in the arts, especially literature. You can find out more about his work at

Jacob Stock

Jacob Stock

Director of Castle Ministries and MC of this event.  His resume includes 20 years of teaching and administration in elementary/middle school.  He is the father of four and a self proclaimed expert in children’s literature. 


$20 student

$40 per person

$70 per couple

Register today!


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