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Lewolkien 2018

Lewolkien 2018

Lewolkien 2018 is a conference designed with the understanding that all people are readers.  Accessible to everyone, this conference is a gathering of laymen enthusiasts who happen to invest time in reading.  If you just like to think and talk we hope this could be a launching point for you to pick up a good read. JOIN US for an energetic time of thinking and laughing over ages of books as we explore:

The Christian and the Arts

Featured Speakers:

Author DJ EdwardsonDJ Edwardson    

is the author of several fictional novels and shorter works. His most recent novel, The Last Motley was released in December, 2017.  His previous release, The Ascent of the Nebula, was nominated for the 2016 Grace Awards. Although much of what he writes falls in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, he likes to call  his work “imaginative” fiction and often incorporates elements from multiple genres. He has a degree in English from Cornell College. He’s tried his hand at both acting and theatre, but these days is happiest with a pen in his hand. He lives in Tennessee with his wife and three children and an unusually large collection of board games. His family often gangs up on him so that he doesn’t win, but he has fun anyway.

Maynard Nordmoe

claims only to be a former Norwegian bachelor farmer whose ungovernable spirit was brought to bay by the love of Christ and a patient woman but who still longs for the day when all his virtues and passions will be totally purified.

Jacob StpclJacob Stock 

is the director of Castle Ministries and an elementary school administrator.  He has degrees in business, christianity, and education, however, he loves to teach and read history, architecture, and children’s Literature.  His family is his main ministry, living on the mountain with his wife and 4 children.


8:00 Breakfast
8:30 Welcome / Intro
9:00 Game
10:00 Art of faith
11:00 Virtuous Villain?
12:00 Lunch on the Hill
2:00 Lewis and Tolkien on Stories
3:00 Library, book sales and signing, Break, mingle, cohort
5:00 Books, the Architecture of the Mind
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Round Table/Workshop
8:00 Share Results and Action Steps


$35 per person

$50 per couple

Includes 3 meals and speakers and materials.  Many giveaway books and others for purchase.