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Literature Retreat January 2023

January 21, 2023

The Lewolkien Literature Society met and enjoyed a weekend at the Nichols Lake house.  While lively laughter and joy-filled debate were the staple, a trip to local eateries led to a small used bookstore and you can imagine the society bought books, critiqued books and discussed how they would of course build a better book store, if they had a few more lives to live.

Matt DJ and Tim at the lake house in discussion

“The bookshelf” on the small quaint street in the hamlet of Tellico Plains received mixed reviews from the society members.  It had a friendly attendant and fairly good prices, however the selection was wanting.  Don’t hear that wrong, there were classics, and Timothy bought 10 volumes in there.  The point was made that the 22,000 volumes advertised (in our humble opinion) did not seem to stand up to the experience.  Now much of that can be explained by the large quantity of cookbooks and romance novels that we dutifully passed right by.  Across the street from the bookshelf there was a marvel of a run down building.  That my friends was the source of a good dream like discussion full of hope that a bookish ministry would come and bring Truth, goodness, and BEAUTY to this small town.

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