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Whimsy and delight, tenderness and heart. Such are the paths that Anne of Avonlea traipses down in this marvelous sequel to Anne of Green Gables.

This is a delightful and short read. Full of humor and whimsy, it's a story clearly aimed at younger children. It explores the wonderful, enchanted life of a girl named Nim and her experiences on a remote island, largely on her own.

With only his imprisoned father's promise that they will be reunited after the war, Rudi must learn how to survive in hiding, how to be truly brave, and how to overcome the hatred of his enemies. He must learn to die to himself and to trust the God.

An orphaned boy and a kidnapped horse gallop for Narnia...and freedom. The Horse and His Boy is a wonderful, often surprising, and always engaging adventure.

The Prince of Narnia has gone missing and it's up to Jill, Eustace, and a curious Marshwiggle named Puddleglum to find him.

The adventures of Edmund, Lucy, and the insupportable (but later quite wonderful) Eustace, their cousin, as they are once again drawn into Narnia.

Merlin’s Blade (The Merlin Spiral, #1)
Fantasy / February 4, 2018

Merlin's blade is a unique take on the Arthurian legends. Told mostly from the perspective of Merlin as a young man on the cusp of adulthood, the story has a decidedly historical feel. One gets the sense that considerable research went into the writing of this book. And yet the characters are what really shine here.

The Adventures of Robin Hood
Classics / February 4, 2018

Though I suppose it's now old enough to be considered a classic, this novel feels like a fresh retelling of even more classic material, making it accessible to a wider audience through simple, straight-forward prose. A wonderful romp from start to finish...

Children's Books / February 4, 2018

Matilda is a whimsical, endearing treasure. If this book were a person it would be your best friend. The story is just simply lovable, as quirky and as comfortable as that old pair of slippers you love to lounge around the house in on Saturday mornings.

The Last Motley
Fantasy / February 4, 2018

The Last Motley takes place in a world known as Arinn, which looks at first glance similar to our own world as it was somewhere in the Middle Ages - both veteran readers of fantasy and newcomers to the genre will settle in easily. Briar’s Glen, the village where protagonist Roderick lives, is a place of humble outdoor markets, cottages, and dusty dirt roads – a quiet backwater of Arinn. Quiet, that is, until the motley arrives.

The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive, #1)
Fantasy / February 4, 2018

As good as parts of this story are, and make no mistake they are excellent, this story fails on three major counts and one minor one: its tone, its vulgarity, and its theology, the minor failure coming in the world-building itself.

The Hobbit
Fantasy / February 3, 2018

Always near the top of the most sold books of all time, The Hobbit is delightful and fun and full of adventure.  The adventure asks great questions about moral and spiritual right and wrong.

The Lord of the Rings
Fantasy / February 3, 2018

What Tolkien has given us in the guise of a story, is hope in a fallen world. When the world offers us nothing but sadness and meaninglessness, Tolkien, though The Lord of the Rings, reminds us that, no, this is not the end. Evil and death and suffering do not have the final say.